Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dark Summoner v1.01.09 (1.01.09) Android Apk Game

Dark Summoner v1.01.09

Requirements:Andorid 2.2+

Overview: Top App Store Adventure Game Has Come To Android! Hundreds Of Deadly Monsters!

1 Million Download Celebration Draw!

Good Chance To Get A Top Class Monster!


* This app works on Android 2.2 or newer.

It may not be compatible with some devices.


#1 Free Game In The iPhone App Store!

#1 Rank Among RPGs Worldwide!!


DARK SUMMONER Has Come To Android!

Highly praised in Japan and around the world!

FREE High-Quality Dark Fantasy Social Game!!

Top selling game in Japan. Also reached a top rank in the USA.

Great looking, quality game world and visuals!!

* Depending on your wireless connection, loading times may differ.

Allow the app to completely load when starting.

* A Wi-Fi connection is recommended for optimal playability.

************************************************** *********

[Game Details]

Bring an end to constant warring and unite a world that has fallen into chaos!

Summon forth powerful monsters and raise them to acquire great power.

Work with Alies to become stronger than your enemies!

■ Designs From Famous Artists Worldwide!

Exceptional illustrations and CG movies were designed with

top artists from countries all over the world.

■ Over 700 Types of Deadly Monsters!

Many strong monsters are creations of top talent in the industry.

More and more monsters are added frequently.

■ Sacrifice! Death is Power!

Make use of your weaker monsters… Strengthen your army.

Aim to find and completely max out the most powerful army!

■ Make Allies & Defeat Dark Lords!

Use Collectable Loot to confront Dark Lords in battle.

To defeat these powerful Lords, you must gather Allies to strengthen

your attack. Dark Lords join victorious armies as a reward.

■ Clan System

In the Clan system, groups of players can work towards

upgrading Clan facilities for in-game power ups.

Clan events will also be added for everyone to compete in!

■ Enjoy Even for a Few Minutes

Quickly play even for a short time.

Great design to get a lot done during break time!

■ Monthly Events & Free Updates

Always something to achieve for in-game rewards.

Game world will continue to grow as you play!

************************************************** *********

* If you experience any issues when playing the game, try closing the app

and start again to reload the data to its correct playable form.

What’s in this version:

* Fixed resource re-download

* A few crash fixes

More Info:

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