Sunday, August 19, 2012

Holo Clock v1.3.7 Apk App

 Requirements: Android 2.2+

 Overview: Holo Clock is what the Android Clock should have been. It adds in the much needed Timer and StopWatch functionality along with plenty of options to go with them.

 For the timer the following options are available:

 -Show a notification of how long is left in the notification bar

 -Play a ringtone until the timer is cleared, or just once

 -Vibrate until the timer is cleared, or for a set time

 -Use custom ringtones

 -Obey your phones silent mode

 -Quickly set-up predefined times

 -Quickly access recently used times

 -See time left on the status bar, without even opening the notification drawer

 -Set Alarm Volume

 -LED Notifications with color picker

 Stopwatch functions include:

 -Ringing or vibrating after every minute (adjustable)

 -Keeping track of laps

 -Setting a timer equals to the length of the lap

 -Setting a timer equal to the total time

 Alarm Functionality includes:

 -LED Notifications

 -Snooze Functionality

 -Standard Alarm Options

 If you have any feature request/questions/suggestions please feel free to email me them.

 *(Note, this still works on older android revisions all the way back to android 2.1+)

 What's in this version:

 Bugfix which prevented audio from playing for the stopwatch.

 Download Instructions:


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