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Outdoor Map Navigator v1.0 (1.0) Android Apk App

Outdoor Map Navigator v1.0

Requirements: Android 2.2+

Overview: Outdoor Map Navigator (OMN) Android sets a new standard for outdoor mapping applications on your Android Phone or Tablet.

Built for outdoors enthusiasts such as walkers and mountain bikers.

With Anquet Cloud built in, your maps and routes synchronise effortlessly with your PC and other devices.

Whilst navigating, OMN does not require a WiFi/3G data connection – your maps and routes are stored on your device for use outside of mobile coverage.


The Highlights

✔Fast, robust and dependable

✔Free Anquet Cloud Account

✔Free OMN PC application to use in conjunction with OMN Android

✔Plot your routes on OMN PC, and sync to OMN Android via Anquet Cloud.

✔Smooth zoom with no ‘set zoom levels’ – simple pinch to zoom

✔Seamless maps, with no size limitations apart from the size of your storage

✔Easily change map types at a given location

✔See your GPS location on the map

✔Built in compass display and display of GPS data such as speed and location

✔Find Place functionality

✔Display and access grid references in UK National Grid, Latitude/longitude and UTM

✔Purchase Maps in OMN PC, and download them on OMN PC and OMN Android

✔All of your maps and routes are all stored locally on the device so no Wifi / 3G data connection required whilst in use.



Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 Explorer mapping and Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 Landranger mapping are available for all of Great Britain.

IGN 1:25,000 scale topographical mapping is available for all of France.

See for more details on mapping.

More countries to follow.


Who are Anquet?

Anquet have over 10 years of experience creating digital mapping software for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s all we do, and we do it well if we judge that by the number of group test wins our PC software has won over the years.



With OMN Android we set out to build a tool you will use.

Serious navigation requires serious tools. We know that. If you can’t fire up OMN Android and depend on it, then you won’t entrust your navigation to it. OMN Android has rock solid performance.


Anquet Cloud

You want to plot your route on a large screen with a mouse. You want to navigate with your phone. So you need the data in two places, and you want that movement of data to just happen. Anquet Cloud makes things simple. No wires, no moving SD cards around, no websites.

Fire up OMN PC, and draw a route. Hit the Route Sync button, and that route is now on your Anquet Cloud account. Inside OMN Android, hit Route Sync, and it’s on your phone. Simple.

Wherever you have a 3G or Wifi data connection you can sync your route data and download maps from your Anquet Cloud account.

New phone? No problem, just download OMN Android, login with your email and password and download your routes and maps.



OMN PC is a free PC application. Please visit to download the application. Use it to purchase maps, plot routes and sync it all to Anquet Cloud for use on your Android device.


Seamless maps

OMN maps on all platforms are seamless. Buy two maps that overlap, or simply just touch, and they will just merge in your data. No need to load a different map, or see any gaps. You can therefore also just buy the mapping you need now, as you can add to it anytime you wish.


Anquet Community

OMN is a live project with active developers. We have an active community at where users can ask questions, report issues and suggest new features.

Please note that map files can be large downloads, so please be aware of your 3G tariff if you choose to download over the phone network as opposed to Wifi.

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